Studies of Psychology and Behavior ›› 2015, Vol. 13 ›› Issue (6): 799-803.

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A Meta-analysis on the Effectiveness of Solution-focused Brief Therapy

Gong Huoliang, Xu Weisu   

  1. Institute of Psychology and Behavior, Henan University, Kaifeng 475004; Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, Taiwan Normal University, Taipei 10610
  • Received:2014-12-04 Online:2015-12-24 Published:2015-11-20


宫火良, 许维素   

  1. 河南大学教育科学学院心理与行为研究所,开封 475004, 台湾师范大学教育心理与辅导学系,台北 10610
  • 通讯作者: 许维素,E-mail:。

Abstract: Aimed to research the effectiveness of solution-focused brief therapy(SFBT)in China by meta-analysis, thirty three studies were identified with a total sample size of 1147 participants. The results showed that: 1)SFBT demonstrated large, and positive treatment effects favoring SFBT group on the outcome measures. An overall mean effect size estimate for immediate effect was 0.99. An overall mean effect size estimate for follow-up effect was 1.07; 2)There was no significant correlation between year of publication and immediate effect; 3)The overall mean effect size estimates of SFBT were large in mainland(d=1.03)and in Taiwan(d=0.92); 4)The overall mean effect size estimates of SFBT were also large in school settings(d=1.01)and in medical settings(d=0.94). The similar results were founded for different kinds of outcome problems. The results revealed that SFBT not only can solve clients′ problems but also can improve clients′ ability to solve problems by themselves. In future, the application of SFBT can spread in many settings, especially in primary and middle school settings for mainland and in medical settings for Taiwan. Similarly, more studies are needed to examining the effectiveness of SFBT for externalizing behavior problems.

Key words: solution-focused brief therapy, immediate effect, follow-up effect, meta-analysis.

摘要: 通过以焦点解决短期疗法(SFBT)为干预手段的33项实证研究进行元分析,考察SFBT的应用效果及其影响因素,共纳入33篇研究,涉及1147名被试。结果发现:(1)SFBT的立即效果和追踪效果对应的综合效应量分别为0.99和1.07;(2)出版年份与SFBT立即效果间相关不显著,SFBT在大陆和台湾的应用效果对应的综合效应量分别为1.03和0.92;(3)SFBT在学校情境和医疗情境中应用效果的综合效应量分别为1.01和0.94;(4)SFBT在内在行为问题类、家庭与关系问题类研究中的应用效果均达到了显著性水平。SFBT在国内的应用具有良好的立即效果和追踪效果,SFBT在心理问题的种类及应用情境上有待进一步拓展。

关键词: 焦点解决短期疗法, 立即效果, 追踪效果, 元分析。